Know why Supima is the best choice in knits cotton

Supima Cotton – Best in Knit’s World

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There are varieties of cotton, and Supima cotton is just one of them. In fact, Supima cotton and regular cotton are two distinct species.

Not all types of cotton are of equal quality. Do you know Supima cotton is the most superior cotton among all cotton types and materials? Yes, it is rare! Let’s dive into the specialty of this finest cotton, which is known as the best in the knit’s world.

What is Supima Cotton ?

Grown in the USA, this cotton has only a share of 1% in the cotton world. Its premium properties and rareness make it more valuable and desirable among people. That’s why this is another name for luxurious clothing.

General fiber has a length of one inch approximately while Supima fibers are lengthy than 1.5 inches. Extra-long staple fiber makes Supima so unique that naturally adds strength and durability to it.

Growing Supima cotton is not easy. A little change in the environment may hamper its quality. Therefore, it is hard to find this kind of cotton everywhere in the world.

Interesting facts describing why Supima is best among all cotton:

1. Supima is rarer

Supima grows in a desert climate only. Typically, it is grown in the USA only. In fact, it is also known as premium pima cotton or premium American cotton. It should be clear here that Pima cotton, Egyptian cotton are different from Supima cotton. However, many people use them interchangeably.

Supima represents just 1% of cotton grown across the globe. Therefore, its rareness needs no more mentions. Moreover, it is environment-friendly compare to other fabrics and fully compostable.

2. Better color retention

Supima retains colors better than other cotton types. Its natural resiliency aids in absorbing colors deeply and provides a rich and glossy look that doesn’t fade away easily.

As it absorbs color in an efficient manner, it remains available in more vibrant shades and in vivid colors that aren’t available in all kinds of cotton.

3. Most sustainable

The longer the fiber, the more it produces durable yarns. That’s why Supima’s longevity is unbeatable if you care for it properly. It is so finer and light-weighted that results in a silky feel. Being hypoallergenic is an extra advantage that Supima contains! Therefore, people who are prone to allergic things (like itching, irritation, and other skin allergies) must try Supima cotton.

4. Resistant to pilling

Most of the cotton types are prone to pilling, but Supima is different. Its smoother surface, longer yarn, denser and specific thread counts make it resistant to pilling. Therefore, people will not experience those tangled cotton fibers appearing on them.

5. Wrinkle resistant

Supima maintains its shape and less prone to wrinkles. If you launder it properly, it will enrich its color and fabric, unlike other cotton fabrics that exhibit color fades and wrinkles after washes. Its extraordinary moisture-wicking abilities keep it cool in scorching weather.

6. Softest and strongest form of cotton

Wash after wash and as the time passes, Supima Cotton gets more softness on its touch and feel. Supima is twice as strong as regular cotton. Its non-pulling, non-breaking, and non-tearing features made the Supima cotton as the king in the fashion industry.

How is Supima Cotton best in the knits and fashion world?

From fiber to fabric and fabric to fashion, it takes too long to get the original products in your hands. You may or may not realize it while adoring clothes! But it’s true.

Supima cotton is popular among knitters and other clothing manufacturers. Its long-lasting color penetration and durability make it a perfect piece for high-end customers’ garments and household textile sheets.

Knitting manufacturing factories fond of Supima due to its high demand and following features:

1. Luxurious look

The garment industry picks it the most due to its rich, classy, and luxurious look. The apparel produced from it can be worn on any occasion without any layering. Its eco-friendliness is assisting it to serve as the replacement for the extremely expensive organic cotton.

2. Smoothing feel

Its soothing touch and buttery feel along with cooling features make it perfect summer wear. The Supima fabric is quite expensive and pitches the high-profile people most. Moreover, it doesn’t require additional care. You just need to cherish it like other cotton fabrics.

3. Light-weight and breathable

Breathable and light-weighted clothes improve sleep quality all night and keep you in comfort all day. Supima absorbs sweat and less prone to sweat stains. So, it’s good to clad it all day and night.

4. More comfortable

For its elegant look, consistent quality, and comfy features, Supima is worthwhile to knit. Its demand in the clothing industry is growing rapidly and making it costlier.

Altogether, Supima cotton is far superior to other species of cotton. However, getting original and best-quality Supima cotton is not easy if you don’t know much about it. For a rich and sophisticated look, book your orders for the bulk Supima cotton fabric and produce the trendiest apparel out of it.

Let’s make the collective effort for sustainable clothing without compromising comfort and luxury!

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