Knit fabrics are durable only if you take care of it properly..

5 Tips for Wash care and iron care for cotton knit Fabric

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Almost all fabric products contain wash care tips attached to them. If you follow them carefully, you will not need extra caring for your clothes. However, there are some common things that one must keep in mind while washing and ironing clothes.

Regardless of fabric type and clothing essential, if you want your clothes to be durable, wash them less. The less you contact your clothes with bleaches and detergents, the more you will be able to sustain them.

Knit fabrics require special care. Whether they are cotton or in wool, you will need to take care of them while washing and ironing. The following safety measures and caring tips will help you to maintain your clothes longer and better:

1. Wash with similar colors

Some cloth discolors and spreads the colors to other clothes. Knit cotton is specifically prone to colors. They adopt the colors easily and absorb them for a more extended period. That’s why it is good to wash similar color clothes together.

Avoid washing dark and light shades clothes together. Wash clothes with similar colors and similar fabric collectively to optimize the results!

2. Cold water wash

Cotton notoriously shrinks on first wash. This is the factual truth about almost all cotton clothes including knitted cotton clothes. It is always recommended to wash such clothes in normal cold water instead of warm water. Although you can apply warm or hot water to a limited area to loosen a stain.

Our knitted cotton fabric doesn’t shrink as much as other kinds of cotton. Many industries provide a finished fabric that is less prone to shrinking and stretching.

Avoid washing clothes in warm water unless it is explicitly mentioned in the wash care instruction of the clothes!

3. Inside-out wash and dry

Pilling is another issue in cotton. However, our knit cotton is processed in such a way that doesn’t create any pilling if cared for properly. But for all the clothes, it is suggested to wash and dry them inside out. Resultantly, the potential fading or discoloration takes place on the inner or reverse side of the clothes and leaves the outer surface intact.

The process reduces the risk of unwanted fuzziness and pilling. Also, it maintains the outer shine of the garment.

Wash and dry from the opposing side to maintain the outer shine of the fabric!

4.Air dry

Do you know more than half of the cotton knit products shrink and stretches or lose their original shape while drying? That’s why it becomes more significant to dry clothes properly.

Dry knit cotton at a low heat and avoid direct sunlight. Hang them and enable them dry by the inevitable process of evaporation. It is the best way to dry the knit cotton. Although tumble dry is the convenient solution for many but it should be avoided in the case of knit cotton. Even if you are tumbling, take your cotton clothes out when they are a little damp and hang them in the air.

Just to make your work easy, don’t tumble cotton knit fabric. Practice the air-dry method if possible.

5. Ironing and creasing

Knit cotton is more sensitive to wrinkles and creasing. To appear them back into their original shape, it requires ironing. Cotton is a fairly tough fabric and can be ironed at a higher degree of temperature. However, cotton knit fabric added with different materials like elastane, should be ironed at comparatively low temperatures. Never iron on the area of the stain.


Keep in mind that there is always a risk of burning and fading of colors if you keep the temperature very high. You must set the temperature accordingly to the clothing type. Also, to avoid fading of colors, always iron inside out which delivers a sleeker and neater look.

Always iron inside or reverse side of the clothes and hang them rather than folding them!

6. Other treatments

Don’t keep dirty clothes lying around. Cotton knit absorbs the sweat and natural oil from the skin and this smell can become home to many preys. To prevent the scenario, keep such clothes on top of your laundry.

Always read care labels before laundering clothes. Take care of the potential discoloration and pilling by using cold wash water and air dry keeping clothes inside out. Remove creasing by ironing the fabric at the reverse side.

Let’s acquire a sustainable clothing wardrobe by caring for garments!

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