Shri Balaji Hosiery Udyog (SBHU), began its journey by becoming an illustrious and honored participant in the creation of knitted fabrics. Late Mr. JB Goel, the soul behind our mark, founded the business in the year 1996. The traditionally constituted intent to spread the delicately manufactured fabric worldwide got continued by his sons Mr. Kunal Goel and Sumant Goel along with grand expansion.

SBHU is our home and we are here committing ourselves to the fullest customer gratification. The idea of satisfaction does not limit only to our clients, but also responsible for the welfare of our loved ones from the company too. Our Home is now Yours too!
Kunal Goel
We are endlessly progressing towards grasping the wider market area and also remembering our client's needs and comfort in India as well as abroad. Urging one another to grow by our father's idealistic thoughts. We wish the industry to adapt to the trends and generations passing by, but also respecting the ancestors.
Sumant Goel

The role of the human workforce can never be set aside!

At SBHU, the secret behind running a sumptuous business are the souls working dedicatedly day and night, bestowing themselves in shaping success.

We knit a better society

Knitted fabric is not the sole dream that we at SBHU have!

Let’s join hands in knitting a respectable companionship through our accumulative efforts.

SBHU is all about getting people under the limelight of the Fabric Industry in this ever-growing Indian market. We have always believed in the concept of Make in India to benefit and promote our own Country, and also promoting ourselves throughout the world.

Stamping the promise of Quality and Ethics, hand in hand is an important factor which our company promotes. A brand that presents some class and premium quality products, while keeping in mind our environmental needs.

OUR MISSON is driven by People and the Planet.

We pledge towards an honest relationship with our customers, workers, and suppliers, encouraging us to build an ethical working environment and a trust factor between each other.

Sharing is Caring, and thus we share some portion of our incomes with the needy making a better society to live in.

We not only care about people but also our earth, from whom we have received so much. We aim in Using Lesser chemicals in our products and switching more towards being eco-friendly.

We are very affectionate to the environment and so we use recycled plastic and organic cotton leaving us satisfactory and sustainable.

For us, It's a quest for something better, for something more fulfilling. We create, We improve & We make an impact.

Join us,to galvanize dreams into action

Knits Beyond The Basics